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Electric RC Helicopters - Professional Quality

These are the 6-channels and above mini helicopters than can do 3D flight at the hands of experienced pilots. Powered by 400 size and above electric motors.

Electric R/C Helicopters

Photo of the E-flite Blade 400. Spectrum 2.4GHz 6-channel radio, brushless motor/esc, servos, gyro, Lipo battery, charger.

There are good heli trainers such as the E-flite Blade 400 for beginners to learn how to fly. Get lessons from an experienced pilot.

Yes, these helis can fly upside down or inverted flight. Watch the video below to see how exciting a micro electric r/c helicopter can be. This is the video that immediately made me go to my local hobby shop and buy an rc helicopter.

Please note these 3D flights are extremely difficult to do and requires great skill! But well worth it.

Below is a comparison of popular 6-channel electric rc helicopters with collective pitch rotors. Great value given the quality and complexity of a 6-channel equipment.

Popular Electric R/C Helicopters

Est. Sale Price (USD)

E-flite Blade CP Pro 2 PNP

Art-Tech Falcon 3D

Esky EK1H-E013A Belt CP

Venom Night Ranger 3D RTF

Esky Honey Bee King 3

E-flite Blade CP Pro 2 RTF

Venom Night Ranger 3D MICRO

E-flite Blade 400 3D PNP

Art-Tech Falcon 400 SE

Walkera HM 4G6

Art-Tech Genius 250 3D

Align T-REX 250 Super Combo

Heli-Max Axe 400 RTF

E-flite Blade 400 3D RTF

Align T-REX 450 Pro Super Combo

Align T-REX 500 ESP Superior Combo


















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